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Grain Sorghum Planting Dates and Sugarcane Aphids
Author: Jason Kelley, Wheat & Feed Grains Extension Agronomist

Article by:  Jason Kelley, Gus Lorenz, Nick Seiter, and Glenn Studebaker It seems we have been stuck in a wet weather pattern since Mid-February that has delayed top-dress nitrogen on wheat, limited field work and has slowed planting progress of most of our summer crops. Some areas of the state have been fortunate and have […]

Arkansas Rice Update 4-25-14
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

April 25, 2014                              No. 2014-7 Dr. Jarrod Hardke & Dr. Yeshi Wamishe Planting Progress Better lucky than good? Some locations missed out on most of the rain on Monday and were able to keep rolling this week. The same thing happened again on Thursday, with some locations back in the field this morning and others […]

Arkansas Rice Update 4-25-13
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

April 25, 2013                               No. 2013-5 Dr. Jarrod Hardke, Dr. Yeshi Wamishe, and Dr. Paul Counce Planting Forecast Actual progress was actually being made.  It wasn’t necessarily fast but it definitely seemed furious.  The early part of the week was certainly prime time.  Wednesday’s rainfall slowed some more than others.  A few people were working ground […]