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Arkansas Rice Update 3-28-14

March 20, 2014                           No. 2014-2 Dr. Jarrod Hardke and Dr. Gus Lorenz Planting Progress

A number of fields now have rice in the ground after (somewhat) favorable conditions this week.  Conditions were right to get a lot of ground prepared for the season and where people felt like they could also get some planted they

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Arkansas rice update – June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013                             No. 2013-14 Dr. Jarrod T. Hardke, Dr. Gus Lorenz, Dr. Bob Scott, and Dr. Yeshi Wamishe Crop Progress

Much of the crop (~60%) has reached 1/2” internode elongation.  There are still some extremely late planted fields that haven’t even made it to flood, but hot temperatures will get them there soon enough. 

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