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Arkansas Rice Update 4-6-18
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

Arkansas Rice Update Drs. Jarrod Hardke & Bob Scott April 6, 2018  No. 2018-06       Crop Progress Another week, a little more planting progress.  So, Fig. 1 is a cleaned up version from last week that better shows where we are relative to previous years.  Notice that we’re still […]

Cold, wet weather optimal for herbicide injury in rice
Author: Bob Scott, Professor & Extension Weed Scientist

With more wet weather and an unprecedented cold front coming through, conditions are right to see some injury from rice herbicides. One particular “no-no” is Newpath on hybrid Clearfield when conditions are like this. I would,  in fact,  avoid the use of ALS chemistry in general on rice until it warms up a bit. Usually, […]