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How effective are fungicides applied at early growth stages on corn in Arkansas?
Author: Travis Faske, Extension Plant Pathologist

Corn fungicides have been marketed for use on corn at early growth stages of corn (V5 – V7) for the past few years; however, based on university trials, fungicides applied at these early growth stages proved little or no benefit in regards to disease control or yield. Given that some growers may be considering such […]

Identification of Corn Leaf Stages
Author: Jason Kelley, Wheat & Feed Grains Extension Agronomist

I have gotten several calls over the last week or so asking about corn growth stages, specifically how to count leaves. Most years this is fairly simple to determine leaf stages from V1 to V5. However this year many early planted fields have had some light frost damage and the lower leaves will likely disappear […]

Corn Planting Considerations
Author: Jason Kelley, Wheat & Feed Grains Extension Agronomist

It seems that the roller coaster weather pattern continues in Arkansas, but hopefully we are moving in the right direction.  High temperatures are forecasted to be in the 60’s to near 70 the next few days.  Along with very windy conditions, wet fields are likely to dry fairly quickly.  Although air temperatures are warming, soil […]

Ark corn, cotton close in on 600K acres – from different directions
Author: Mary Hightower, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

JONESBORO, Ark. – 2012 Corn and cotton acreage in Arkansas may converge on the 600,000-acre mark, but from different directions, according to Scott Stiles, extension economist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. “The recent National Cotton Council survey indicated that Arkansas’ 2012 cotton acreage may dip to 619,000, down from 680,000 last […]