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Research lacking to back claims for foliar-applied fertilizers
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

By Nathan Slaton, Rick Norman, Trent Roberts, Jason Kelley, Jarrod Hardke, Bill Robertson, Jeremy Ross and Leo Espinoza; University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Farmers must ask at least two fundamental questions about every product they are asked to purchase and apply to their crop: What is the frequency of crop response and what […]

Arkansas Rice Update 2-26-16
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

Arkansas Rice Update Dr. Jarrod Hardke, Dr. Tom Barber, Dr. Archie Flanders, Dr. Nathan Slaton, & Scott Stiles February 26, 2016  No. 2016-01   Crop Outlook 2015 is in the past, behind us, let’s just try to forget most everything about it.  The majority of folks seem to be settled on what cultivars they’re growing […]

New and updated recommendations for phosphorus fertilizer
Author: Nathan Slaton, Professor & Director of Soil Testing

By Nathan Slaton, Professor and Trenton Roberts, Assistant Professor – Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences Phosphorus fertilizer recommendations for rice and soybean were revised in December 2015 based on soil-test information and rice and soybean yield response results from nearly 150 phosphorus (P) fertilization trials.  The old and new soil-test level definitions are shown in […]

Managing Ammonia Volatilization Losses from Urea in Less than Ideal Conditions
Author: Trenton Roberts, Associate Professor, Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences

It’s that time of year again. Time to apply sidedress N to corn and grain sorghum and apply preflood N in rice. Unfortunately the weather has not been as cooperative this year as many of us would have liked, but there is still time to make the best out of a bad situation. If the […]

Fall Nitrogen Recommendations for Winter Wheat
Author: Trenton Roberts, Associate Professor, Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences

Fall-seeded wheat generally does not require N fertilizer for establishment. Fall-applied N or preplant N can aid in the establishment of wheat under specific planting conditions and crop rotations, but should be managed on a case-by-case basis. Previous research has suggested the need for fall-applied N to help compensate for the large amount of crop […]

Preplant P and K Considerations for Winter Wheat
Author: Trenton Roberts, Associate Professor, Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences

Winter wheat planting is quickly approaching and considerations for preplant P and K applications should be made according to soil-test results and the intended summer rotation. The majority of wheat in Arkansas is double-cropped with soybean and therefore guidelines have been developed that allow producers to apply all of their P and K for both […]

Recommended Nitrogen Rates and Distribution for Rice in Arkansas 2013
Author: Trenton Roberts, Associate Professor, Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences

Rice planting is in full swing and with pre-flood nitrogen (N) applications fast approaching careful consideration should be given to identification of the proper N rate and time of application for your rice crop. The 2013 recommended N rates and distribution for rice cultivars is now available on the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture […]

What is that stubble really worth?
Author: Trenton Roberts, Associate Professor, Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences

    While driving through the Delta the past two falls I wasn’t sure if I was in rice country or hay country. There have been more round bales in Eastern Arkansas than you can count. Anyone who has grown rice or corn knows that there is plenty of straw and stubble following harvest and […]

Soybean tissue sampling
Author: Mary Hightower, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

Spend two minutes with University of Arkansas Professor Nathan Slaton as he talks about leaf sampling as a step toward diagnosing problems in soybeans.

Rice Update for the week of May 7, 2012
Author: Rick Cartwright, Associate Director, Agriculture and Natural Resources-Cooperative Extension Service

The Rice Update is a weekly summary of what’s happening and what to look for in rice production, based on interviews and submissions of rice experts in Arkansas and the Mid-South. Weather:  The forecast in eastern Arkansas for the next 10 days is for cooler weather with highs in 70s and 80s, lows in the […]