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Category Posts for Sathyamurthy, Raghu

S-I-T to protect your stored grain from pests
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

With harvest rapidly approaching, all of you grain producers are no doubt hoping for a bumper crop and a timely harvest.  With the tremendous increase in on-farm storage in Arkansas, chances are many of you will be drying and storing at least some of your harvest on-farm.  While this puts you in control of your […]

Trends in rice stink bug abundance across the rice regions of Arkansas
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Beginning May 2013, we have been monitoring in and around 27 farms across 9 counties (Fig. 1) in AR to document general trends (Fig. 2) in pest and beneficial insect abundance. As part of this work, we have been doing 10 sweeps at 5 locations at each of these farms to examine trends in abundance […]