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Southwestern Corn Borer Trap Catches July 27 – July 31
Author: Glenn Studebaker, Extension Entomologist/IPM Coordinator

By Glenn Studebaker, Extension Entomologist/IPM Coordinator

Southwestern corn borer mothpheromone trap catches by county are reported in the link below. Catches are low acrossthe stateas the crop is winding down for the season. We generally recommend considering a foliar application when numbers are over 100 per trap per week. For recommended insecticides consult MP144 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas. For specific trap locations contact your local County Extension Agent.

“This work is supported by the Crop Protection and Pest Management Program [grant no. 2017-70006-27279/project accession no. 1013890] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.”

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