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Arkansas Crop Insurance Planting Dates
Author: Scott Stiles, Extension Economist

Federal crop insurance rules include an “Early” or “Initial Planting Date” for most crops.  This refers to the date when insurance coverage begins. In Arkansas, it’s April 11 for grain sorghum and April 16 for soybeans.

If a crop is planted before the “Initial Planting Date”, the cost for replanting any early planted acres won’t be covered by crop insurance.

Weather continues to be volatile this month with another round of much cooler temperatures entering the state today. Low temperatures could dip into the upper 30s over the next 5 to 7 days in some areas. Under these conditions, replanting may be needed due to poor stands or other issues that negatively impact emergence.

Any acres planted before the earliest planting dates lose replant coverage, even if the entire farm or insurance unit hasn’t been planted. However, early planting doesn’t affect a farm’s actual production history (APH) yield or revenue guarantee, as long as best management practices are followed throughout the growing season.

Growers are encouraged to contact their crop insurance agent with any particular questions regarding replant provisions.

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