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Cotton Research/Sustainability Verification Program Update – August 19, 2019
Author: Amanda Free, Cotton Research Verification/Sustainability Program Coordinator

By Amanda Free, CRSVP Coordinator

There are 15 Cotton Research Verification / Sustainability Program fields in 2019. This year there is a wide variety of growth stages across the state as some areas had trouble finding a dry window long enough to get field operations done and planters into the field. All fields within the verification program are now cutout either by NAWF=5 or by calendar date. The latest three planted verification fields were cutout by calendar date. At this time Heat Unit Accumulation from NAWF=5 ranges from a high of 897.20, to a low of 103.7. Cotton looked healthy across all locations at last field visit. 

To view field-specific information, please download the pdf linked below:

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