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Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program Update – July 12, 2019
Author: Chuck Capps, Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program Coordinator

By Chuck Capps, CGSRVP Coordinator

About half of the fields were irrigated over the last seven days with Chicot, Jefferson, Lawrence, and Mississippi County fields receiving enough rainfall to push irrigation out five or more days.  We are still using the combination of soil moisture sensors and Online Irrigation Scheduler. We have telemetry units on our fields, so this allows us to check sensor data anytime with the AgSense app on our phones or IPad.  

We are picking up corn ear worms feeding on tips of ears especially those fields that are at milk (R3) or later.  We do not recommend spraying for corn ear worm in field corn.  The ends of the ear are usually not developed enough for those kernels to contribute to yield.  Also once the worms are in the ear, it is very difficult to get any insecticide to the larvae.

To view field-specific CGSRVP information, download the pdf linked below. Southern rust was found in Woodruff County, so I have attached Extension Plant Pathologist, Dr. Travis Faske’s Disease Update for your information below the crop updates.

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