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May 25: Crop Insurance “Final Planting Date” for Rice, Cotton, Peanuts
Author: Scott Stiles, Extension Economist

May 25th is the crop insurance “Final Planting Date” for rice, peanuts, and cotton in counties south of I-40.

Following the “Final Planting Date” is what is referred to as the “Late Planting Period”. For most crops this is generally a fifteen-day window, but can vary by crop. Contact your crop insurance agent to verify the “Late Planting Period” for each insured crop. A prevented planting “Notice of Loss” must be reported within 72 hours following the end of the “Late Planting Period”.

Prevented Planting Options:

  • The intended crop can still be planted during the “Late Planting Period”. However, the insurance guarantee on those acres is reduced by 1% per day until they are planted.
  • To receive 100% of the prevented planting payment, the ground must remain idle for the remainder of the crop year.
  • Insureds are also eligible for a 35% prevented planting payment and owe 35% of the premium if the prevented planting acres are planted to an insurable crop after the late planting period.

Crop Insurance Timeline:

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