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May 15 Crop Insurance “Final Planting Date” for Grain Sorghum
Author: Scott Stiles, Extension Economist

For all counties in Arkansas the crop insurance “Final Planting Date” for grain sorghum is May 15. The “Late Planting Period” ends June 9.

During the “Late Planting Period” grain sorghum can be planted on insured acres. However, the original insurance guarantee or coverage level drops 1% per day during the “Late Planting Period”.

As China has reduced its’ imports of grain sorghum from the U.S., Arkansas’ planted acreage of the crop has declined. But, given the current price and basis environment facing soybeans, growers around the state are giving grain sorghum consideration on some acres.

New crop basis offers for sorghum at Mississippi river terminals are currently around 20 cents under December corn futures. This would equate to a cash bid of approximately $3.68 per bushel (as of May 14).

To assist in evaluating planting decisions, the University of Arkansas’ enterprise budgets have been updated and posted online last week. Excel and pdf versions of the 2019 crop budgets can be found at this link:

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