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Arkansas Crop Insurance Planting Dates
Author: Scott Stiles, Extension Economist

In Arkansas all counties are now in the crop insurance “late planting period” for corn. Corn can still be planted during this 15-day window, but the insurance guarantee on those acres is reduced by 1% per day through the “late planting period”.

Producers with unplanted acres after the “final planting date” have three choices:

* Plant corn as soon as possible with a reduced guarantee.

* Shift to an alternate crop that is insurable and receive 35% of the prevented planting payment.

* Apply for prevented planting. Prevented planting acres are insured at 55-60% of their original guarantee. To receive the full 100% prevented planting payment, acres will need to be left idle for the remainder of the crop year.

Producers should communicate with their crop insurance agent before making decisions about replanting or abandoning acres.

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