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New H-2A Visa Checklist Tool Available
Author: Scott Stiles, Extension Economist

The H-2A temporary agricultural workers program – often called the H-2A Visa Program – helps farmers fill employment gaps by hiring workers from other countries.

Interest among Arkansas farmers in the H-2A Visa Program has grown in recent years.

The application process for the program can be time-consuming and challenging, with information and parts of the process spread across multiple state and federal agencies.

The USDA has recently added a new online Checklist Tool to assist those participating in the H-2A program.

Link to interactive H-2A Visa Checklist Tool found on the website.

The new H-2A Visa Checklist brings program requirements, fees, forms, and important dates into one location.

Basic information about the H-2A information can be found at this link: H-2A Visa Program page. This site covers introductory information such as:

  • Learning the H-2A visa application basics.
  • Creating a personalized H-2A visa application checklist built around your hiring needs.
  • Estimating the costs of hiring workers through the H-2A Visa Program.

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