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April 4 Webinar: The Future Rice, Grain, & Cotton Markets and Key Things to Watch
Author: Bobby Coats, Professor of Economics

By Bobby Coats, Agricultural Economist and Professor of Economics

Join in Thursday, April 4, 2019 1:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)
for the next Food and Agribusiness Webinar with Jeremy Zwinger and Shawn Hackett.

Global commodity market prices are approaching a period of increasing volatility with rice, grains, and cotton seemingly leading the way. This is further complicated by the current massive global supply of food grains, ongoing trade and other policy disputes, and building global weather uncertainties e.g. the current El Nino weather event’s present impact on the U.S. planting season.

The Rice Trader Jeremy Zwinger and Commodities Expert Shawn Hackett will provide their unique collective insight into the impacts of rapidly changing global weather patterns, trade and other policy disputes, and global supply and demand fundamentals on rice, grain, and cotton commodity market outlook.

Jeremy and Shawn will review China’s building impacts on global commodity markets. Additionally, they will focus on global weather patterns and the coming “Grand Solar Minimum” effects on U.S. and global commodity production and markets, which will rock one’s idea of market normalcy. The impacts of shifting weather pattern trends are presently highly visible in the current El Nino’s ongoing influence on global crop production. How these collective global market forces potentially impact global commodity prices, trade dynamics and farm and agribusiness structure are questions to be addressed in this webinar.

Top: Jeremy Zwinger
Bottom: Shawn Hackett

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