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Larger Supplies, More Competitive Prices, and Record Global Trade Are Projected to Boost U.S. Rice Exports in 2018/19
Author: Bobby Coats, Professor of Economics

By Bobby Coats, Agricultural Economist

Join us on September 27 at 3 p.m. for the next Food and Agribusiness Webinar.  Dr. Nathan Childs will analyze the most current USDA forecasts for both the U.S. and global rice markets. For the U.S., a substantial increase in supplies, more competitive prices, and record global import demand are expected to boost U.S. rice exports 13 percent. Despite larger exports, U.S. ending stocks are projected to increase 53 percent. In the world market, smaller crops in India and China are projected to pull global production down 1 percent from the 2017/18 record. World rice trade is projected to again reach a new record, led by increased demand from Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, as well as by continued strong purchases by China.

Nathan Childs is an agricultural economist with USDA’s Economic Research Service. His current activities include managing ERS’ contribution to the rice situation and outlook program and supporting the Department’s annual Baseline forecasting activities. Nathan joined ERS in 1987. During his career, he has worked on a variety of topics including U.S. rice consumption patterns, global trade liberalization, farm program analysis, and supported emerging market projects to Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Haiti. In the early 1990s, Nathan was editor of USDA’s weekly Agricultural Outlook magazine.

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