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Arkansas Rice Update 9-14-18
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

Rice LogoArkansas Rice Update

Dr. Jarrod Hardke

September 14, 2018  No. 2018-29      

Crop Update

“For the good old American life: For the money, for the glory, and for the fun… mostly for the money.” – Bandit.  This will be the final weekly update for the season.  Additional updates will be posted throughout the fall and spring as needed.

Monday’s crop progress report had the state at only 33% harvested for rice.  Surprise rains in the southern half of the state on Tuesday, and surprise again for the entire state on Wednesday, slowed things again this week.  However, the past two days have seen every able combine rolling.  With a favorable forecast for the weekend we should surpass 50% harvested by Monday.

The forecast for next week is middling.  By that, I mean that temperatures are good, but it looks partly cloudy with occasional rain chances.  I wouldn’t call that optimal.  Next weekend looks like a cold front shows up to take us to the upper 70s and low 80s for highs

Despite the harvest difficulties that recent conditions have caused, yield reports remain very strong.  Other than the occasional problem field showing up, there have been very few complaints so far.  In a year where conditions couldn’t have been more different than 2017, we could end up seeing a state average yield close to it – but there’s still half the rice left to harvest out there.

Fig. 1.  Rice fields are finally getting busy.


Estimating Harvest Losses

At this time of year we always get questions on harvest loss estimates.  See Table 1 for easy calculation of harvest losses in the field based on kernel counts on the ground behind the combine.

Table 1.  Converting field loss counts into bushels per acre.


USDA Crop Production Report

On Wednesday, the September Crop Production report was released.  The results of that report for rice are below in Table 2.  The current projections put U.S. total rice production at more than 91 million additional bushels produced compared to 2017.  Of that, 53 million of the increase comes from Arkansas alone on 318,000 additional acres.

Also included are details on Arkansas rice acreage (Table 3) and acreage breakdown of all major Arkansas row crops (Table 4).

Table 2.  Rice Area Harvested, Yield, and Production (USDA-FSA, September 2018).

Table 3.  USDA-FSA Certified Rice Acreage, Arkansas, September 2018.

Table 4.  USDA-FSA Certified Acreage, Arkansas, September 2018.



New DD50 Program is Live!

Check out for the overhauled DD50 Rice Management Program.  We have tried to make this version extremely user friendly, but in doing so it is a little different than the old version.  If you run into any issue, please call or text me directly at 501-772-1714 or send emails to  It also works great on mobile phones and tablets.



Additional Information

Arkansas Rice Updates are published periodically to provide timely information and recommendations for rice production in Arkansas.  If you would like to be added to this email list, please send your request to

This information will also be posted to the Arkansas Row Crops blog ( where additional information from Extension specialists can be found.

More information on rice production, including access to all publications and reports, can be found at


We sincerely appreciate the support for this publication provided by the rice farmers of Arkansas and administered by the Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board.

The authors greatly appreciate the feedback and contributions of all growers, county agents, consultants, and rice industry stakeholders.

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