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Rice Research Verification Program Update for August 24, 2018
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

By Ralph Mazzanti and Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators 

In the south, rainfall amounts recorded were 4.75” at the Arkansas Co. field and even more in areas of Chicot Co. Nevertheless, the Chicot Co. field has been harvested leaving deep cuts in the field. The numbers have not been calculated but according to the combine monitor and truck loads yield looks to be very good. This is in conjunction with lower than usual input cost especially herbicides in a grassy year. Arkansas, Desha, Clark, and Lonoke Co. are awaiting harvest. Lee and Lincoln Co. fields are draining.

In the north, our furrow irrigated field and six of the conventionally flooded fields in the program are drying down for harvest. These fields have all matured well beyond vulnerability to rice stink bugs without requiring a treatment for the pest this season.  The rice has now headed in Woodruff. As anticipated, large numbers of rice stink bugs from older rice in the area have moved into this much younger rice. An insecticide treatment was required and successfully applied, bringing the stink bug population back under control for now. The numbers are still very close to treatment level at the current growth stage however and will require close monitoring over the next 3 weeks.

To view field-specific information, see the full report here:  RRVP Update Aug 24 2018

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