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2019 Wheat Crop Enterprise Budget
Author: Breana Watkins, Program Associate - Agricultural Economics

By Breana Watkins, Program Associate, Ag Economics

Wheat Field

Wheat Field

The University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture has released the 2019 Wheat Crop Enterprise Budget. Crop budgets are available as a printed manuscript and as interactive files that allow users to change inputs and prices to fit each producer’s unique situation. Budget summaries present side-by-side comparisons for surface irrigated, center pivot irrigated, and non-irrigated crops. Inputs in the budgets are Cooperative Extension Service recommendations as determined by field trials from the Crop Research Verification Program (CRVP) for each crop. Interactive budgets can be utilized to evaluate alternative costs and returns for optimal profit potential. Input decisions should be evaluated with an understanding that yield and revenue maximizing inputs are not necessarily the inputs for maximizing profit. County agents can provide information for Extension input recommendations. The 2018-9 crop enterprise budgets are available at


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