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Cotton Research Verification/Sustainability Program Update – July 13, 2018
Author: Amanda Free, Cotton Research Verification/Sustainability Program Coordinator

By Amanda Free, Cotton Research Verification/Sustainability Program Coordinator

There are 12 Cotton Research Verification / Sustainability Program fields in 2018. Fruiting nodes across fields range from a low of 9.3 to a high of 12.9. All fields within the Verification Program are now blooming. Conders Farmer Standard no cover reached cutout prematurely. Some of the fields in Desha County may be at cutout by next week, and most other fields should still be blooming for a while. Concentrating on trying to make sure plants have available water that they need to keep them out of water stress, in order to avoid premature cutout.

Refer to the linked pdf for field-specific information:  CRVSP Update 07-13-18

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