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Rice Research Verification Program Update – July 6, 2018
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator
By Ralph Mazzanti and Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators
In the south, the Chicot County field ranges from 10% heading to boot split. The Desha County field received its late-boot nitrogen application. Most fields are between early to mid-boot stage. The Clark County field is scheduled for a fungicide application for smut prevention due to the field history. Adequate flood levels have continued to be an issue and causing concern for blast disease. Low incidence of leaf blast has been detected in the Desha County field. Stink bugs are prevalent on grass escapes but hopefully will disperse over wide spread heading fields. Sheath blight is at minimal levels and not moving in all fields. Intense scouting will be necessary for the next several weeks.
In the north, nitrogen deficiency began to appear in areas of the Clay County field where the topsoil is thin. Urea was applied late midseason. The late boot application of urea planned for White and St. Francis counties has been delayed a few more days for better field-wide timing. Jackson is returning the flood to a normal level following a good recovery from hydrogen sulfide toxicity. No sheath blight treatment is recommended in program fields at this point but close monitoring will remain necessary for at least the next few weeks. The Ricestar application in Woodruff did not provide sufficient grass control; Regiment plus a surfactant containing UAN* was applied in the effort to at least suppress large barnyardgrass.
Refer to the link for field-specific information: RRVP Update July 6 2018

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