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Update On USDA Seed Cotton Program
Author: Scott Stiles, Extension Economist

This week the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) will start sending out information on current generic base acres, yields and 2008-2012 planting history.    Please review this information and compare it with your farm records.   Notify your FSA office if there are any errors.  This information will be essential in making later decisions on allocating generic basic acres and updating yields for seed cotton.

The anticipated timeline for the 2018 seed cotton program is:

  • June 29: Producers are mailed letters notifying them of current generic base acres and yields and 2008 to 2012 planting history.
  • July: An online decision tool for ARC and PLC becomes available.
  • Late July: ARC and PLC one-time elections occur for seed cotton.
  • Late July: ARC and PLC sign-up for 2018 starts for farms with seed cotton base acres.

All producers electing to participate in either the ARC or PLC program will be required to make a one-time, unanimous and irrevocable election, choosing between price protection (PLC) and county revenue protection (ARC) for the 2018 crop year for seed cotton only. Producers who elected ARC with the individual farm option will continue with that option since that election is applicable to all base acres on the farm.

The final step to participate requires producers with farms with seed cotton base acres to sign contracts for ARC or PLC for 2018 this summer.


As a reminder, the National Cotton Council has an excellent online resource page for the seed cotton program.  It can be found at this link:  2018 Seed Cotton Program Information


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