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Rice Research Verification Program Update – June 8, 2018
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

By Ralph Mazzanti and Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators

In the south, the Chicot Co. field is at panicle initiation. The fields approaching green ring are Desha, Lonoke, and Arkansas Counties. The last fields to receive the permanent flood are Clark, Lee, and Jefferson Counties. The Jefferson Co. field has encountered irrigation pump problems for over a week now.

In the north, six of the seven permanent flood fields have received their flood and the furrow-irrigated field in Craighead is on a watering cycle of 1 to 1.5 acre-inches every 3 days. Good to excellent weed control has been accomplished in most cases. However, barnyardgrass control in Woodruff has proven more difficult than anticipated. The field is scheduled for its second Newpath application. Earlier herbicide applications employing multiple modes of action failed to give the normally expected level of control.

See the linked pdf for field-specific information:  RRVP Update – June 8, 2018

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