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Arkansas soybean market report for March 26-30, 2018 and monthly summary
Author: Bob Stark, Agricultural Economist

By Bob Stark, Agricultural Economist

The Arkansas 2017 Crop Soybean Cash Market lost 3 cents over the past weekend and then moved steadily lower through the first half of the week.  Price eventually fell to a Wednesday low of $9.94 before surging up 28 cents on Thursday to end the shortened, pre-Easter week.  The market opened trading on Monday at a statewide average of $10.03, just 1 cent above the previous Monday opening price.  A loss of 6 cents on Tuesday took the market under the $10.00 level and the decline continued Wednesday.  The Thursday rally placed old crop beans at a statewide average of $10.22 to end the week, 16 cents above the previous Friday closing mark (Figure 1).  High daily individual market price over the short week was $10.35 at West Memphis on Thursday.  Low quote of the week was $9.78 at Wynne on Wednesday.  End-of-the-week quotes saw Friday closing day prices ranging from a $10.05 low at Wynne to the high of $10.35 at West Memphis.  The ending quotes represented a range of 30 cents, a 2 cent widening from the previous week closing range.  Twelve individual markets provided price quotations throughout the week.

Read more and view the full report here.

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