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Cover Crop Infographic Checklist for Termination/Burndown
Author: Trenton Roberts, Associate Professor, Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences

As spring planting approaches, so is the time to make plans for managing winter cover crops. This spring, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is rolling out a series of infographics to help cover crop users with their decision-making. More Arkansas growers are using or considering use of cover crops as a sustainable practice to enhance their soil quality and this new series of infographics aims to help producers better prepare for cover crop and cash crop management. Cover crop termination and burndown is the first step in preparing for this season’s cash crop, so the first tool we have is a helpful checklist of what to look for and what to avoid to help improve your chances of success. This first infographic provides producers with some simple do’s and don’ts to help them terminate their winter cover crop and help get their summer cash crop off to the best possible start. Future infographics will focus on cash-crop planting into high residue cover crops and other cover crop related topics throughout the year.

Cover Crop checklist Termination Burndown

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