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UPDATED: Latest possible cutout date and heat unit-based termination guidelines for cotton
Author: Bill Robertson, Cotton Agronomist

By Amanda Free, Cotton Research Verification Sustainability Coordinator; and Bill Robertson, Cotton Extension Agronomist

Identifying the last effective boll population is essential for making end-of-season management decisions. Cutout is reached when nodes above white flower (NAWF) counts drop below five or when the probability of accumulating sufficient heat units to mature a flower remain in the season. Crop termination guidelines may be keyed on heat units accumulation beyond cutout based on when bolls can be considered safe from insect damage without significantly impacting yield and quality.

Heat units accumulated after the date of cutout may be obtained from the pdf:  Heat Unit Accumulation Beyond Cutout.

The following tables include termination guidelines for heat unit based termination and latest possible cutout dates for Arkansas.

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