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Southwestern Corn Borer Update July 4, 2017
Author: Glenn Studebaker, Extension Entomologist/IPM Coordinator

Southwestern corn borer numbers are still high in several areas of the state. Last week Monroe county had the highest numbers around the Brinkley/Wheatley area and those numbers are still high. Numbers are high in some areas of Woodruff county as well. Growers in these areas are encouraged to treat their non-Bt corn, particularly if they are near any of the traps with high numbers. Traps in the Perry/Conway county area have dropped off. Numbers are low in all other counties. Click on the links below to see trap catches in the counties mentioned above. Contact your local county agent for updated information for your area.

Monroe County SWCB 6-30
St Francis County SWCB 6-30
Perry Conway County SWCB 6-30
Woodruff County SWCB 6-30

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