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Southwestern Corn Borer Update
Author: Glenn Studebaker, Extension Entomologist/IPM Coordinator

Figure 1. Southwestern corn borer adult

Figure 1. Southwestern corn borer adult

We are seeing a big jump in southwestern corn borer trap catches, particularly in the area around Brinkley and Wheatley. One trap hit over 1000 moths for a single week’s catch. One other trap in that area hit 89 moths which is very near our threshold of 100 moths per trap per week. Growers in the Brinkley/Wheatley area growing non-Bt corn are advised to scout or spray their corn this week in order to avoid significant damage. Recommended insecticides include Prevathon, Intrepid or Beseige. All three give around 3 weeks of residual protection. With corn borers it is better to be a little early than it is to be a little late with an application. Once borer eggs hatch, the caterpillars will feed on the leaves for a few days before entering the stalk. Once they enter the stalk an insecticide application will not control them. One trap in the Perry/Faulkner County area hit 87 moths (very near threshold) and growers in that area should also be considering an insecticide application. Trap catches are still very low in some areas. There has been an increase in trap catches in Craighead, Lawrence, Randolph and Woodruff Counties with some traps catching in the 20-30 moth range. Not enough to necessarily run out and make an application, but enough to be watchful and see what the traps in that area catch this week. Graphs of trap catches for each county can be viewed by clicking on the links below. Contact the agent in your county for specific trap locations.

Monroe County Corn Borers
St Francis County Corn Borers
Clay County Corn Borers
Craighead County Corn Borers
Greene County Corn Borers
Lawrence County Corn Borers
Mississippi County Corn Borers
Perry-Conway Counties Corn Borers
Phillips County Corn Borers
Poinsett County Corn Borers
Randolph County Corn Borers
Woodruff County Corn Borers

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