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Rice Research Verification Program Update for June 2, 2017
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

By Ron Baker and Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators

South Arkansas:   Eight out of nine fields have gone to flood except for Pulaski County.     According to the DD-50 the final recommended time to apply pre-flood N is (6/6) on the Pulaski County field.  I just got word that they are trying to get levees in today (6/2) before it rains.  With increased chances of rain in the forecast for several days it continues to be a challenge getting levees in or rebuilt and fertilizer on dry ground.  Overall the verification fields are looking good and have greened up nice since flooding.  With no insecticide seed treatment applied on Clark County rice water weevils scarring is at 25% within one day of the flood.  Spraying is scheduled but I was told it would not be a plane back in the county until (6/9).                    

 North Arkansas: Continued showers have made getting the pre-flood nitrogen onto dry ground a challenge but St. Francis, Woodruff and White have managed to do so and apply the permanent flood this week. Jackson and Poinsett are still struggling to get an open window for that and will possibly succeed by the weekend.  Otherwise, Jackson is up against the DD50 final recommended date for applying pre-flood N and plans to apply Ammonium sulfate to supply enough nitrogen to meet the requirements of tillering rice for a few days.  This will extend our window a little to make a more efficient application of the largest portion of nitrogen in the form of urea on dry ground.

View the full update:  Rice Research Verification Update – June 2 2017 RM

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