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Rice Research Verification Program Update for May 26, 2017
Author: Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinator

By Ron Baker and Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators

South Arkansas:   More rain is threatening this weekend and growers have scrambled to make applications. Three more fields have been sprayed and received N-STaR applications and permanent flood.  Those include Lonoke, Desha, and Clark Counties.  This brings the total to eight out of nine fields have gone to flood.  High winds and wet soil has delayed herbicide and fertilizer applications. The Pulaski County field is waiting on levees to go in.  With more rain threatening it could be a while.  

North Arkansas: Another good week of growth has moved most program fields to the tillering stage. Clay and Conway fields have received their pre-flood nitrogen and permanent flood. Preparations for the permanent flood and scheduling for the N-STaR pre-flood nitrogen application and are underway for Jackson, Woodruff and White. Areas of the St. Francis field will need a few more days before reaching that point. Poinsett likewise needs more growth.  The original field for Randolph is not expected to dry up in time for planting rice. An alternative field for the county is currently under consideration.

For field-specific information view the full report:  Rice Research Verification Update – May 26 2017

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