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Rice Research Verification Program Update – April 28, 2017
Author: Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinator

By Ron Baker and Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators

South Arkansas: Despite the rains and some cool night time temperatures rice emergence and stands look very well. All nine of the RRVP fields are planted. Most and growing off well except for Clark County which was recently planted on 4/21. The stages are from emerging to 5 leaf stage. The Prairie County field should be ready for the

N-STaR nitrogen application next week 5/5 weather permitting. The Lincoln County field (continuous rice) has volunteer rice from the previous crop and was the first to receive a post-emergence herbicide application. The residual pre-emergence herbicides are holding very well as rainfall continues on a timely basis.

North Arkansas:  Six of the counties participating in 2017 are planted. Fields range from sprouting to 1-2 leaf stage. Pre-emergence or delayed pre-emergence residual herbicides have been applied in five fields and all are working well.  Weather conditions will dictate if the delayed pre-emergence treatment for White County can be implemented as planned of if a different strategy will be needed. At this point, cultivars this year include two varieties (Roy J and Diamond) and two hybrids (RT XL753 and RT CLXL745).

See field-specific information:  Rice Research Verification Update – April 28 2017

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