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Applicators: Required online training for applying Enlist Duo, Engenia, and Xtendimax herbicides now available
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

By Ples Spradley, Extension Pesticide Assessment Specialist

The new, required online training program for all agricultural applicators that need to apply Enlist Duo, Engenia, or Xtendimax herbicides to Enlist or Xtend crops is up and running. You can currently access it by going to:  You will have to create a account if you have never used this system.  Once logged in, you will see ‘Course Categories’ by scrolling down the home page or up at the top tabs.  Click then select ‘Application Training’ and the only available course is ‘Arkansas Training and Certification Program for New Herbicide Tolerant Crop Systems‘.  You can self-enroll to begin the course, but read the tips below for the best user experience.

I encourage ag agents and specialists to go through the program so they can be familiar with the process. It should be self-explanatory but here are a few tips that might help:

  • I had the best luck using Internet Explorer although other web browsers should work too.
  • You have to set up an account (your Extension i.d. and passwords won’t allow automatic access) and the system will send you a link via email in order to get started. The software will walk you through all of this.
  • Be patient. Things can be slow to load sometimes.
  • Have as good an internet connection as possible.
  • If you see an alert about an unreliable internet connection, try ignoring it. It should go away in a few seconds and you can usually proceed without a problem. If you click OK it will restart everything from the beginning.
  • If you stop the training at any point it should allow to pick up where you left off when you restart.
  • Registration was difficult on my iPad but courses and tests worked on the device.

    For technical questions or issues you need to contact: or call (501) 671-2086.  Please contact me, Ples Spradley ( or Jason Davis ( about questions or comments about the content of the training.

The training is a required by new regulations from the State Plant Board. Here is the wording from the regulations: “Applications of products with this classification (Xtendimax, Enlist Duo, and Engenia) shall not be made to Enlist or Xtend seed technologies without applicators first completing New Technology Certification training provided by the Cooperative Extension Service. Upon request in writing, proof of the training must be provided to the Plant Board.”

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