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Requirements to purchase, apply Engenia dicamba herbicide
Author: Bob Scott, Professor & Extension Weed Scientist

By Bob Scott, Extension Weed Scientist

This has been a confusing year in weed management and I’m hoping to help clear up some of the confusion about Engenia dicamba herbicide.

There are separate requirements for purchasing and applying Engenia, which is a restricted use pesticide, or RUP.

To purchase Engenia:

  • You must have a current Arkansas Pesticide Applicators license because Engenia is a restricted use product in Arkansas.
  • If you have this license, the retailer may sell you the product.
  • This license is the one that has always been required for the purchase of restricted use pesticides.

To apply Engenia, you must have training.

  • The applicator – the person who is operating the sprayer – must take a required online training.
  • We will provide notification when the online training is available. You cannot apply Engenia until you have completed this training.

Please note that the OnTarget Application Academy training offered by BASF and the Cooperative Extension Service spray schools are supplemental. Completing the BASF and Extension spray schools alone will not fulfill the requirements needed to purchase and apply Engenia.

If you have any questions what’s needed to buy and use Engenia, call me at 501-837-0273.


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