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2017 Recommended Rice Cultivars for Arkansas
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

Based on multiple years of advanced yield testing, below are the recommended rice cultivars for planting in 2017.  Just because a cultivar is not listed does not mean it cannot be grown successfully, but testing indicates the cultivars listed to be the highest and most consistent performers in grain yield and milling yield across a wide range of environmental and management conditions.

2017 Recommended Rice Cultivars for Arkansas


2017 Grain Yield and Milling for Recommended Rice Cultivars


2017 Total Crop Revenue for Recommended Rice Cultivars

For more information on cultivar performance and disease ratings visit the Extension rice page at and look under ‘Results of Arkansas Rice Cultivar Testing’.  The most recent publication can be accessed here:

2016 AR Rice Cultivar Testing Results

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