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Producer feedback required to report use of Sivanto in sweet sorghum under crisis exemption
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

By Nick Seiter, Gus Lorenz, and Glenn Studebaker, Extension Entomologists and Jason Kelley, Wheat and Feed Grains Agronomist

The Arkansas State Plant Board received a crisis exemption to use Sivanto Prime as a foliar application on sweet sorghum to control sugarcane aphids in 2016 (the Section 18 label can be found at the link below). This crisis exemption was granted because there are no materials labeled in sweet sorghum that provide adequate control of sugarcane aphids, which can be devastating to the crop if not controlled. If you are a sweet sorghum producer who used Sivanto Prime under the crisis exemption but have not yet filed a report, you are required to report this usage ASAP to the state plant board using the worksheet found at the link below. The EPA needs this information before a crisis exemption can be granted again for 2017. Reporting forms can be emailed to Brandi Reynolds, Arkansas State Plant Board ( Thank you for your cooperation.

Link to Section 18 crisis exemption label:

Link to application reporting worksheet:

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