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Making wheat profitable in 2016
Author: Jason Kelley, Wheat and Feed Grains Extension Agronomist

By Jason Kelley, Wheat and Feed Grains Agronomist

Can I make wheat profitable in 2016 seems to be the question weighing on producers minds who are considering growing wheat this year.  I do believe wheat can be profitable, but with any crop, yields need to be good and expenses kept to a minimum, which is what wheat producers are already trying to do.  The 2017 wheat harvest is 8-9 months away, so there is still a lot of time for markets fluctuations to impact price for next year’s harvest in June.  With wheat acres anticipated to be down, planting wheat this year might be a good move.

Read the linked newsletter (pdf) for some general discussions about planting wheat and getting your crop off to a good start and maximizing profitability this coming year.

Arkansas Wheat Newsletter – September 22 2016


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