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Rice Research Verification Program Update for August 8, 2016
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

By Ron Baker and Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators

South Arkansas:  Irrigation termination has started this past week in Jefferson County while Lincoln County will stop pumping next week.  Most fields received some rainfall ranging from 0.65” in Arkansas County to 0.9” in Phillips County.  The fall armyworms (FAW) have diminished and rice stink bug (RSB) numbers are running very low (0-2) per 10 sweeps in most fields hopefully ending insecticide treatments.  Most fields are mature or at least in the hard dough stage except for Phillips County which is in the full boot stage.  The crop looks good but temperature, wind, and environmental damage to the rice heads has been prevalent and growers are concerned.  Most damage or discoloration is very mild, while in Lee County up to 1/4 of the heads are affected in places.

North Arkansas:  All fields continue maturing normally and the crop looks very promising. More of the fields received much needed showers over the past week bringing some welcomed relief to those growers still struggling to keep water on the crop.  Conway County and Jackson County have now reached irrigation termination and are allowing the flood to diminish naturally for 4 or 5 more days before pulling the levee spills and draining.  A couple more program fields are expected to mature enough this week to shut down the wells.  Rice stink bug numbers remain well below the treatment threshold in all RRVP fields.  Also, all fields have now progressed beyond any need to treat for fungus diseases making fungicide applications an unusually low production cost within the program this season.

For field-specific information, refer to the linked pdf below.



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