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Rice Stink Bugs in Draining Rice
Author: Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist

By Jarrod Hardke and Gus Lorenz

As fields are being drained in preparation for harvest, rice stink bugs (RSB) are piling up in some of those fields.  Farmers and consultants have reported, and we’ve verified, RSB numbers of 15-20+ in fields being drained.

In these fields approximately 30% of kernels are still in the soft dough stage.  This rice is still susceptible and the RSB in the field are targeting those kernels.  It only takes a small percentage of “pecky rice” to have your rice grade lowered and see a price reduction.  While there is a cost to treat, it’s at least known while the potential loss due to pecky rice is unknown and possibly substantial.

So even if you’re draining rice, the RSB threshold still remains at 10 RSB per 10 sweeps.  The complication is the Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) of 21 days for Karate, Lambda, etc.; and 14 days for Mustang Maxx.  By the label, all of these products state that floodwater shouldn’t be released for 7 days after application – so make the application a week before draining or after draining is complete.

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