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Rice Research Verification Program Update for July 25, 2016
Author: Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinator

By Ralph Mazzanti and Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators 

South Arkansas:  Rice stink bug (RSB) numbers are all over the place and very sporadic.  Monroe and Lee Co. are running 3-4 RSB per 10 sweeps.  Jefferson Co. was running 3-4 last week and this week running 0-3.  Arkansas Co. ran 5.5 RSB reaching threshold levels requiring an insecticide treatment.  Lincoln and Ashley Co. were well below threshold due to a recent insecticide treatment.  Ashley, Phillips, and Chicot Co. are behind anywhere from boot split to early heading.  No fall armyworms have been detected at this time and disease pressure continues to be low.  With an updated DD50 it looks like the Jefferson Co. row water field will be the first to drain in about 10 days on 8/1 with harvest starting as early as 8/11.

North Arkansas:  Sweeping for rice stink bugs is the primary focus now on six of the seven program fields.  We are finding RSB in every field but, so far, Conway Co. remains the only field that has required a treatment to control them.  As expected with the high numbers found in that field last week, a second application this week was needed to bring the RSB population under control.  Early symptoms of nitrogen depletion on 18 acres of the White Co. field were corrected with a late midseason nitrogen application in that portion of the field.  Keeping a good flood in every field is increasingly challenging as dry conditions continue in much of the area.

Please see the linked pdf below for field-specific information.


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