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Rice Research Verification Program Update for June 20, 2016
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

By Ralph Mazzanti and Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators

South Arkansas: Several fields have reached internode elongation including Arkansas, Desha, Jefferson, and Lincoln Counties.  The Arkansas County field did not require a mid-season nitrogen application according to GreenSeeker.  On the other hand the Desha County field did require a midseason nitrogen application. Both the Jefferson and Lincoln County row-water fields have closed the middles and overall water depth has increased.          

North Arkansas: Three weeks have passed since incorporation of the preflood nitrogen in Jackson and Cross Counties and internode elongation has begun in both so they have now met the two requirements for a mid-season nitrogen application.  Jackson County also received a midseason herbicide application for red rice escapes.  The upper portion of the Randolph County field has recovered sufficiently from submerged conditions to proceed with weed control and other management measures. Grass and aquatic weed herbicides on that portion of the field have been recommended but not yet applied at this writing.  All other fields in the program continue progressing normally.  See the linked table for field specifics.

RRVP Update- June 20 2016


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