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Call-to-Action letters to the EPA regarding AgLogic™ 15G Aldicarb Pesticide
Author: Gus Lorenz, Extension Entomologist

By Gus Lorenz, Extension Entomologist

The EPA is currently reviewing the re-registration of Aldicarb, formerly known as Temik. The product is currently being produced by AgLogic. The product is currently available in Georgia with plans to make it available for use in the Midsouth next year. Midsouth entomologists had the opportunity to test the product this year. Our test, conducted in Marianna indicated the aldicarb had fewer thrips and less damage than all other treatments. Below are pictures of the aldicarb on the left and an insecticide seed treatment on the right.

Aldicarb treated cotton (L) and an insecticide seed treatment (R).

Aldicarb treated cotton (L) and an insecticide seed treatment (R).

Obviously an in-furrow such as aldicarb may not be a perfect fit for all growers but for others, particularly with a nematode problem too, the product may be a very good fit and will be worth taking a look. Using an in-furrow may have advantages for some growers.

As mentioned, the product is currently under review for re-registration and the comment period is open. I would encourage you to make a comment if you want to ensure that Arkansas will be able to utilize aldicarb next year. Below is the link to the AgLogic website that includes a direct link to the EPA site for comment submissions.

The link also includes research information, a sample letter, and key points to include in the comments. If you want to make a comment it should be done by June 22nd. Thrips are second only to plant bugs in costing growers yield and cost of production when it comes to insects, and growers need options. Make sure your voice is heard.


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