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Author: Arkansas Row Crops

By Archie Flanders, Agricultural Economist

Managing profitability during low prices has been a concern while planning for the 2016 production year. Recent rallies in crop prices have added a second concern to avoid locking in prices before increases reach a peak. The possibility of “leaving money on the table” with crops already planted is especially important as prices of some crops are moving more favorably than prices of other crops. Market fundamentals have constancy that lead to long-term price outlooks, but complex relationships among factors in a global agricultural economy create short-term volatility. Information from experts who regularly deal with market conditions can assist producers in optimal decision making. The Cooperative Extension Service has added five links to its Risk Management website for providing current information in rapidly changing markets. 1) The Allendale, Inc. market update is a daily podcast that includes market news for crops and livestock each morning. 2) The Arkansas Farm Bureau compiles a daily report for market prices from the previous day. 3) Farm Futures market commentary provides daily reports with analysis of market factors. 4) Market to Market is a weekly podcast updated each Friday with expert market analysis for crops and livestock that includes price outlooks. 5) The Agricultural and Food Policy Center releases podcasts with market and policy updates from faculty at Texas A&M University. Risk management information and the Current Market News section are available at


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