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Rice Research Verification Program update for April 25, 2016
Author: Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinator

By Ralph Mazzanti and Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Coordinators

South Arkansas: The five fields planted in South Arkansas include Arkansas, Desha, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Monroe Counties.  Lee and Ashley are expected to be planted tomorrow (4/26).  Should be able to get stand counts on Desha and Monroe this week.  Rainfall amounts this past week totaled 1 inch and pre-emergence herbicides will soon run out.  Mid-post herbicide applications are being discussed.  Pre-plant fertilizer was applied according to soil test results.

North Arkansas: The six fields now planted in North Arkansas include Clay, Conway, Cross, Jackson, Lawrence, and Mississippi Counties.  A pre-emergence herbicide was applied at planting and has been activated by timely rains in Clay, Conway, Cross, Jackson and Mississippi Counties.   A pre-emergence herbicide was scheduled for application in Lawrence County.  Pre-plant fertilizer has been applied according to soil test recommendations.   Conway and Mississippi Counties had optimal soil levels of Phosphorus and Potassium thus did not require additional P and K.

See field-specific information here.

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