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ARC payment estimates for 2015 crops
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

By Archie Flanders, Agricultural Economist

Low commodity prices have growers in need of all sources of revenue to keep farm operations economically viable until prices return to levels greater than costs of production. Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) payments for crops harvested in 2015 will be issued after the 2015 crop marketing year, in late 2016. Payment rates for farms electing ARC over the alternative PLC vary by county as the ARC payment rate is determined by the 2015 county yield compared to the Olympic average for the previous five years. PLC payment rates are determined by historical yields for each farm unit. Preliminary ARC payment rates can be estimated for counties in which the National Agricultural Statistics Service released yields in February 2016. The Farm Service Agency will determine official yields for all counties later in 2016. ARC payment rate estimates are available at


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