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Fuel and fertilizer prices decreased for 2016 planting
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

By Archie Flanders, Agricultural Economist

Prices for diesel fuel and fertilizers have continued to decrease as Arkansas farmers are preparing for 2016 planting. Reports in February indicate that diesel prices have decreased to $1.25/gallon from a price $1.90/gallon in November 2015. This will reduce total fuel costs by $23.00/acre for a rice field using diesel power for irrigation. Fertilizer price decreases in the four months since November have further reduced production costs. Revised Arkansas crop enterprise budgets indicate total production costs for rice production with diesel irrigation are $42.00/acre lower than initial projections in 2015. Using state average yields, this equates to a price increase of $0.25/bu. Prices for seeds and chemicals in the Extension budgets are typical suggested list prices. Field reports indicate potential for growers to negotiate lower seed and chemical prices as the input supply industry responds to low commodity prices. Interactive capabilities of the budget program allow users to enter alternative prices for all inputs. Revised crop enterprise budgets are available at

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