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2015 Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Verification Report
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

The 2015 Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program annual report is now available.  You can find the report in the publications tab under the corn and grain sorghum sections.  The 2015 report and past reports from the program are also available at

The 2015 growing season was the sixteenth year for the Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program (CGSRVP).  The CGSRVP is an interdisciplinary effort between growers, county Extension agents, Extension specialists, and researchers. The CGSRVP is an on-farm demonstration of all the research-based recommendations required to grow corn and grain sorghum profitably in Arkansas.  The specific objectives of the program are:

  1. To verify research-based recommendations for profitable corn and grain sorghum production in all corn and grain sorghum producing areas of Arkansas.
  2. To develop a database for economic analysis of all aspects of corn and grain sorghum production.
  3. To demonstrate that consistently high yields of corn and grain sorghum can be produced economically with the use of available technology and inputs.
  4. To identify specific problems and opportunities in Arkansas corn and grain sorghum production for further investigation.
  5. To promote timely implementation of cultural and management practices among corn and grain sorghum growers.
  6. To provide training and assistance to county agents with limited expertise in corn and grain sorghum production.

Each CGSRVP field and cooperator was selected prior to planting.  Cooperators agreed to pay production expenses, provide crop expense data for economic analysis and implement the recommended production practices in a timely manner from seedbed preparation to harvest.  Nine growers enrolled in the CGSRVP in the spring of 2015, seven corn and two grain sorghum fields.  The fields were located on commercial farms and ranged in size from 22.8 to 67.4 acres for the corn fields with an average field size of 44.2 acres.  The grain sorghum fields were 33.9 and 38.2 acres and averaged 36.1 acres.

The 2015 CGSRVP corn fields were in Clay, Lee, Lincoln, Lonoke, Pope and St Francis Counties; and the grain sorghum fields were in Jefferson and Lawrence Counties.  Seven corn hybrids (Armor 1616PRO2, DeKalb DKC 62-06, DeKalb DKC 64-69 VT3P, DeKalb DKC 63-87 VT3P, Pioneer 1319, Pioneer P2089YHR and Terral REV 23BHR55) and two grain sorghum hybrids (Armor Maverick and Pioneer 84P80) were planted.  Management decisions were based on field history, soil test results, hybrids, and data collected from each individual field during the growing season.

Jefferson Sept 17 1Lee June 19 4

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