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Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Weekly Update – September 4, 2015
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification – Kevin Lawson (Corn & GS Verification Coordinator)

The Lonoke County corn verification field was harvested on August 31 at 21% moisture and yielded 145 bushels per acre adjusted to 15.5% moisture. This field was a non-GMO field that was replanted late due to glyphosate drift. The two corn fields in Clay County are not drying down very fast. Hopefully some warm sunny weather will move them along. The St Francis County corn field is being harvested today (September 4).

The Jefferson County grain sorghum verification field received a Transform application on Friday August 28. The field was scouted on Wednesday September 2, and although a big majority of the aphids were gone, some still remained in the heads and on the leaves. The field should be ready to harvest next week.

Sep 4 corn update

Sep 4 gs update

Southeast Arkansas Update – Wes Kirkpatrick (Desha County)  

We are approaching 90% harvest completion on corn and 100% on grain sorghum. Corn yields range from 170 – 240 bushels per acre. Grain sorghum yields range from 110 – 150 bushels per acre.

Central Arkansas Update – Anthony Whittington (Jefferson County)

Corn harvest is at about 70% complete in the area with yield anywhere from 190 – 240 bushels per acre. Grain sorghum is a little behind with about 60% complete.

Northeast Arkansas Update – Stewart Runsick (Clay County)

Corn is about 10% harvested. Yields are getting better in the later corn. Most have caught up to their high moisture corn. Those with dryers are still harvesting at 25-29% moisture. Grain sorghum yields are good. Quite a bit was salted this week. Aphids are still building. They seem to like this hot dry weather.  Irrigated corn is yielding 200 – 250 bushels per acre and irrigated grain sorghum is yielding 140 – 160 bushels per acre.

River Valley Update – Kevin VanPelt (Conway County)

The corn harvest in the River Valley is probably close to half way through. There’s been a wide range of yields reported, ranging from 150 – 200 bushels per acre. It’s been evident that the sandier better drained ground did much better than the clay type soils with all the rain we had the first part of the season.

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