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Rice research verification program update for August 18, 2015
Author: Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinator

By Ralph Mazzanti and Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinators

South Arkansas:  The Arkansas and Chicot Co. fields have been harvested with Arkansas preliminary yield and average harvest moisture listed below.  The milling yields will not appear until all fields are harvested hopefully by early- to mid-October.  Six fields have been drained and pending harvest.  The Jefferson Co. field experienced glyphosate drift at flowering and the entire field has distorted grains referred to as “parrot-beaking”.  Rice stink bug experienced a surge late in the season with 7 out of 9 fields being sprayed.  Those fields include Arkansas, Ashley, Chicot, Desha, Jefferson, Lee, and Phillips Co.  The sheath blight pressure has been extremely low.  No fields in the South Arkansas RRVP reached threshold levels for a fungicide application.

North Arkansas:  All eight fields have continued to progress well.  Three fields, Mississippi, Cross, and Independence Co. headed early for their respective areas and required treatment for rice stink bugs within the first two weeks of heading.  Fortunately the stink bug numbers were only slightly above the treatment threshold so good control was achieved with a low rate and no follow-up treatments were necessary.  Two fields, Lawrence and Randolph Co. required treatment for sheath blight.  Irrigation has now been terminated on four fields (St. Francis, Mississippi, Cross, and White Co.) and draining is in progress.  The remaining four are expected to be ready for irrigation termination within the next week to ten days.

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