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Stink Bugs In Grain Sorghum – When Do We Treat?
Author: Glenn Studebaker, Extension Entomologist/IPM Coordinator

Rice Stink Bug

Rice Stink Bug

We have been getting a lot of calls on stink bugs in grain sorghum and there has been some confusion on when to treat for these pests. Similar to other crops, the treatment level for stink bugs is dependent upon the growth stage of the sorghum plant. Because stink bugs feed on the developing seed, sorghum at the milk to soft dough stage is more susceptible to yield loss than is sorghum when it reaches hard dough. The treatment level for stink bugs from flowering to hard dough is 5 stink bugs per head. At this time, it appears that most of what we are seeing in the field are rice stink bugs which should be easy to control with a pyrethroid application. Consult MP144 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas for a list of recommended insecticides and rates. Once sorghum reaches the hard dough stage the treatment level increases to 16 stink bugs per head.

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