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Rice Research Verification Program Update for June 29, 2015
Author: Ralph Mazzanti, Rice Research Verification Coordinator

and Ron Baker, Rice Research Verification Program Coordinator


South Arkansas: All fields progressing well with good heat units moving them along. In some cases maturity is a few days earlier with a current DD-50. Five conventional fields (Desha, Monroe, Lonoke, Phillips, and the north half of Lee County) did not require any mid-season nitrogen applications. Greenseeker technology was utilized on each field. Two hybrid fields, Chicot and Arkansas, by next week will be approaching the late boot stage and are scheduled for a nitrogen application. Should see some heads soon and rice stink bugs are prevalent around edges. Some amazon sprangletop escapes have appeared in the Chicot and Monroe County fields. The water supply has been cut for days uncertain to the Monroe County field due to power company drilling.

North Arkansas: As in the southern part of the state, climate conditions over the last couple of weeks have all fields progressing well. Five fields have reached midseason development and midseason nitrogen has been applied. Clay County’s field is the only one among the pureline varieties that is not expected to require midseason nitrogen. In White and Independence Counties, early symptoms of nitrogen deficiency resulting from poor weather conditions during the preflood nitrogen application were observed and corrected in low areas of those fields. Also, one of the two older wells providing water for the St. Francis Co. field has failed so keeping a permanent flood on part of the field while a new well is being drilled has been difficult.

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